Virgil Thompson


Final Things: A Novel of Suspense

Time is running out for Eric Betancourt.

In the final hours of his deathwatch, he will uncover a nightmare from the past and a horrifying secret that shatters everything he knows… the shocking truth about his innocence and a dangerous lie that will kill and kill and kill…


Praise for Final Things

" ...Here's a murder mystery that will definitely keep you turning the page. Thompson has written 'Final Things' in the first person and does it eloquently and with ease. Not many authors attempt a first book in first person, but it's clearly a style that fits extremely well with Thompson..."

"...Just when I thought I had it figured out, Thompson surprised me with another twist. It kept me guessing, right up to the explosive, cleverly written end. If you read it, you will not be disappointed. I loved it!"

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